Paolo Martini

Paolo Martini

Company: Moderna

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Benchmarking the Role of Lipid Nanoparticles in Enhancing the Effectiveness of mRNA-Based Therapeutics 1:00 pm

Recent advances in medicine have led to the development of mRNA-based therapeutics, which have shown promise in treating various diseases. However, the effectiveness of these therapeutics is limited by their inability to penetrate cell membranes. By using lipid nanoparticles, the effectiveness of mRNA-based therapeutics can be greatly enhanced. In fact, several studies have shown that…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Exploring Moderna’s Newest Advancements in mRNA Therapeutics Beyond mRNA Vaccines 10:00 am

How modifications of mRNA, such as its structure, chemistry and stability, can impact the overall function of the mRNA in the context of therapeutic applications Addressing the immune tolerance of mRNA as a therapeutic to ensure that the mRNA is not rejected by the immune system How the development of LNP adaptation is being used…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Panel Discussion: Reviewing Standards & Regulatory Requirements of the Analytical Field of mRNA-based Therapeutics to Accelerate Approvals 12:00 pm

Delving into how to give evidence of a state of control and maintain regulatory compliance for your mRNA analytical techniques Revealing how to integrate the new novel mRNA analytical technologies to align with GMP guidelines Understanding how to standardise your mRNA analytical techniques to align to CQA’s & CPI’s to allow efficient and rapid approvalRead more

day: Conference Day Two

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