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Confidently Improve mRNA Characterisation, Quality & Potency with Novel Analytical Tools for Efficient Approval & Commercial Release of Your mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

20th-22nd August, 2024 | Berlin, Germany

Welcome to the mRNA Analytical Development Summit Europe:
Revolutionising Optimised Analytics to Support World-Class mRNA Medicines

Comprehensive analytical support has been crucial to the global success of mRNA medicines. As drug development timelines become more demanding, accessing novel, optimised, and high-throughput analytical methods is essential to guarantee the approval and commercialisation of safe and effective mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

The mRNA Analytical Development Summit Europe will return to Berlin in August 2024 as the only industry-dedicated forum to showcase critical expertise and the latest techniques in optimised analytics for leading European biopharma. This meeting highlights the importance of advanced analytical approaches and adherence to regulatory requirements, as the European market continues to capitalise on these strategies.

2024 is your opportunity to join the main industry players as they navigate through their case studies and share their experiences!

Key Themes:

This must-attend meeting is designed for Analytical Development, Quality Control, CMC, and Regulatory Experts seeking to stay at the forefront of mRNA therapeutic and vaccine development. In 2023, 80+ experts from across Europe joined us to gain a better understanding of future analytical methods to safeguard their regulatory submissions in 2024 and beyond.

Join us in 2024 to learn from and network with pioneers shaping the landscape of novel and emerging analytical tools and technologies for mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

The 2023 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

The 2023 Meeting Addressed the Industry's Biggest Challenges:

Critical Regulatory Insights for Guidance on Requirements of the Analytical Field of mRNA-based Therapeutics & Vaccines

Attendees reviewed the most updated opportunities and learnings that the regulatory agencies are requesting, as well as leading biopharma companies’ strategies to streamline their mRNA therapeutics through approval with insights from Paul Elrich Institute & Roche

Essential Considerations for Purifying & Characterising mRNA Therapeutics

Our audienced explored the advances in overcoming purification challenges for mRNA product development to create a successful and purified mRNA medicine with insights from the University of Pennsylvania & CureVac

Develop & Manufacture Consistent Quality LNPs For Efficient mRNA Drug Delivery

Attendees uncovered why the production of LNPs with specific sizes and PDI according to the regulatory requirement remains a challenge in mRNA delivery, and what the advances are to overcome this bottleneck with insights from Moderna & Bayer

Advancements in In Vitro & In Vivo Testing to Optimise mRNA Therapeutics

Our audience investigated the emerging approaches of in vitro translation for improved characterisation of the physical structure of protein, and how to narrow the gap between in vitro and in vivo genetic profiles with insights from Nava Therapeutics & the University of Copenhagen

Key Analytical Challenges in mRNA Vaccines & How to Overcome Them to Ensure a Safe & Efficient mRNA Vaccine

Together, we explored the approaches used for analysing potency in mRNA vaccines and challenges surrounding testing the potency of similar antigen sequences with insights from GSK & BioNTech