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What To Expect?

At this premier forum, we will be addressing key challenges in purification, potency, manufacturing consistency, LNP payloads and heterogeneity. This summit is your opportunity to ask some of your burning questions, such as:


How can you maximise your mRNA characterisation to ensure safety, efficacy & quality of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines?


What are the different types of potency assays available to measure contaminants and bioreactivity to ensure safety for patients?


How can you complete high-quality LNP payload analysis to overcome stability hurdles and optimise mRNA delivery systems?

With world-class speakers from the likes of Moderna, AstraZeneca, GSK, Sanofi, Merck, and many more, 80+ global attendees will unite to remain at the forefront of advances in mRNA analytical development.

The Brand-New 2024 Agenda Snapshots

Merck & Moderna (1)

Discover what strategies are available to improve the specificity and reduce the potential for off-target effects of dsRNA. Discuss the regulatory hurdles within the detection of dsRNA to ensure the safety of these therapies with insights from Merck & Moderna

Sanofi & Entos Pharmaceuticals (1)

Unveil the current stability studies aimed to modify the chemical structure of the mRNA cap to enhance specificity. Explore LNP payload analysis limitations and hurdles involved with delivering mRNA therapeutics to specific cells to maximise efficacy with insights from Sanofi & Entos Pharmaceuticals

_MiNA Therapeutics & Abogen (1)

Unlock the development of novel purity assays to optimize product quality and investigate the strategies for effective design and potency assessment for multivalent mRNA vaccines with insights from MiNA Therapeutics & Abogen

Sanofi & CureVac

Navigate the intricacies of developing and producing mRNA therapeutics whilst maintaining accuracy, accessibility and compliance of the documentation. Understand the strategies and innovative approaches to management documentation to optimise regulatory adherence, reproducibility with Sanofi & CureVac

Temple University College of Science & Technology & Ziphius Vaccines

Delve into the latest innovations in the analytical toolbox and investigate the technologies specific to nucleic acid analysis. Focus on the toxicology aspects and enhancing manufacturing and analysis to elevate patient treatment outcomes and produce high quality and traceability mRNA medicines with insights from Temple Temple University College of Science & Technology & Ziphius Vaccines

This is your opportunity to remain up to date on the latest breakthroughs in analytical development from key stakeholders in the mRNA community!